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Our wedding marquees are very flexible and it is easy to create shapes that are long, square, L-shaped; and by clever use of lining, flooring and lighting you can create you own theme, be it modern, romantic or classical.

Unlike a fixed location such as a hotel where customising the decoration and ‘feel’ of your wedding may prove difficult, at Mudway Workman Wedding Marquee hire we like give our future bride and groom plenty of opportunity to stamp their own style into an an event in any way they choose.

One of the key benefits of hiring a marquee for your big day is that it allows you to control the timings of your event and and long as you have nice neighbours your party doesn’t need to end at midnight just when the dance floor has started to get going.  Mudway Workman supply frame and traditional wedding marquees suitable for from 30 to 1000+ guests and we also also offer Chinese Hat marquees which are the perfect accompaniment to a wedding venue.

Wedding marquees for every occasion - Traditional, Modern and Asian

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No longer as popular as they once were but there is something special about the poles and ropes that form the structure of a traditional canvas pitch roofed marquee. With decorated king poles and fully lined and carpeted with windows included to 'show off' the garden or view, there is something magical and classic about this type of wedding marquee.

Using a combination of a framed (clearspan) marquee and chinese hat structures to give the site an added texture we can provide the perfect location for your big event. Frames give us flexibility to work around the most demand garden shapes - we can include fountains, ponds and even trees within the structure providing a completely unique feel to your wedding.

We have worked on a number of Asian weddings in recent years. They are truly spectacular occasions for noise, colour and celebration. Our clear span marquees are perfect and allow the family to really put their mark on the decor and style.We offer special deals for 'multiple day events' and will do our utmost to cater to your every desire.

Why choose a marquee wedding over any other venue.

Advantages of a Marquee

Tailor it to your needs, finish when you want, decorate it to match your style, be flxible with the size

Its all in the planning!

We will assist you in your planning throughout.

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Whether you are after an ultra modern feel or looking for something more traditional or rustic - we have a marquee solution for every occasion.