Selecting the correct marquee, size, position and design and can be an intimidating task. Mudway Workman arrive with over 65 years involvement within the event industry. Offering wisdom based on countless bespoke events their knowledge will ensure peace of mind from initial planning through to the final removal of the structure following the event


Choosing the right style of marquee

Mudway Workman supply various types of marquee shape and size for every occasion

Pagoda / Chinese Hat

Whether you refer to them a pagodas, pavillions, chinese hats, witches hats or gazebos, these attractive marquees are perfect for when you just need a little shelter from the sun or rain. They can be walled or left open sided and can stand on grass or hard surface. They can also be fully lined, carpeted and lit and are great for ‘hosting’ the wedding ceremony or sheltering the band, just 2 of many uses.

Their unique shape provides a focal point for an event and when used in conjunction with a traditional or clear span wedding marquee they help create a special atmosphere.

  • Flexible: similar to clear span marquees, with no central poles, this style of marquee provides a great flexible space. Surprising large, tables and chairs can be arranged in any format you please.  They can be joined together to create a lovely shape to a marquee.
  • Multiple uses: these make for the perfect, flexible, additional space. Often used as a ‘porchway’ or entrance to the main marquee they can be attached to both traditional and clear span marquees. They are also great for bars, smoking areas, a cover for musicians, or just a chill-out area. Enclosed on all sides or left open as just a canopy, they are a great addition to any event or wedding.
  • A big or small area:  they come in 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m square and can be joined together if required and do not require ropes and stakes, our Chinese Hat marquees can be situated on just about any surface including hard surfaces. We prefer to secure with stakes but weights can often be used to protect against the elements. This means that this type of marquee is equally suitable for small garden parties and large weddings too,
  • Safety: as with all the material on our marquees the material is made from flame-retardant PVC manufactured to the latest BSI standards.

Clear Span

If you are looking for a more contemporary space in which to hold your event the clearspan aluminium framed marquee would be the preferred option. Using leading edge design and materials externally they create the current day feel.

However the main feature would be site flexibility. Incorporated with a flooring system, areas that clients considered unthinkable become the chosen position. Terraced and landscaped gardens, walls, ponds, steps, all come into play. Internally the option is still available to theme to the chosen mood making the structure suitable for weddings, parties and corporate events. Built on an optional 3 metre raised legs they can also provide the much sought after roof space often required by both florists and production companies. The clearspan, also free of central poles as its namesake suggests is also void of exterior ropes and fixings and sits more comfortably in a restricted space. The modular design facilitates the connection of various size structures to accommodate the most quirky of areas. As the clearspan marquee is freestanding it can be built on just about any surface including hard surfaces – sand, gravel, and concrete. If the ground is impenetrable then weights are supplied to hold the structure in situ. The clearspan can be used all year due to its higher wind and snow ratings offering greater stability through periods of inclement weather


Mudway Workman are still manufacturing to a cut pioneered by the late Edward Mudway at the birth of the business these crafted marquees offer a sense of style and heritage that is unfound in the clearspan option. With either an interior lining or left undressed the parabolic shape in the roof space offers an ambience of its own making. The walls provide shelter from the weather but can easily be removed to allow an open space for your guests to view the surroundings and benefit from a cooling breeze on a balmy summers day They are in every way they emulate the quintessential country feel. If the space is available they would be perfect for Weddings, garden parties if it’s the preferred look The supporting centre King Poles holding the shape of the roof of can be dressed with floral arrangements, and lighting. The high roof line offers a large scope for interior decoration. They do however take up a greater space than can be utilised for the event requiring an extra 6 ft of surrounding space to accommodate the guy ropes and retaining pegs. Garden and border space can be used for this purpose adding natural flora in a subtle way. Safety: as with all the material on our marquees the material is made from flame-retardant PVC manufactured to the latest BSI standards.

Make sure you don't forget......

Mudway Workman

Luxury Toilets

The days of scruffy portaloos a long gone. We work with some of the major suppliers in the industry whose modern, clean and discreet toilets would grace most peoples houses. An essential element at almost every event we can supply exactly the right facility to match your needs.

Mudway Workman


From basic white bistro chairs to beautifully stained wooded chairs with a selection of seat covers we have all your seating needs catered for. Tables come in various sizes to suit your table plan and of course specific tables for the cake and top table are also available.

Mudway Workman


Chandeliers, floor lights, wall lights - we have them all. Lighting can make a big difference to an event and we have experts to create just the right atmosphere for your event. We also supply outdoor lighting and of course star-lit ceilings and disco balls to really get the party started.

Mudway Workman

Linings, Walls and Floors

The choice of lining has grown in recent years and if you have the budget you can achieve any color scheme your desire. From classic champagne to bright reds - make a personal statement with your choice. Our carpeting solutions provide a finishing touch and is yours to keep.

Mudway Workman

Dance floors

We offer a range of dance floors to suit your needs. From a traditional oak parquet to the stylish black and white - all are highly polished to leave you and your guest looking forward to hitting the floor.

Mudway Workman


Modern bars come in a variety of shapes and style with our most popular being the circular bar - it takes a prominent position in the marquee and is always the busiest place of any event.

Mudway Workman


A winter wedding will definitely need one but even on a cool summers evening these powerful, yet quiet heaters will keep you marquee at a very pleasant temperature throughout your event.

Mudway Workman


The amount of power required to run an event from a marquee will take most people by surprise. Our quiet running diesel generators will provide enough power for caterers, toilets, lighting, djs, bands and bars.

In the Wedding and Event industry, where first impressions are key Mudway Workman leave nothing to chance. Well aware there is only one opportunity available to get it right is a constant reminder and drive in the ethos of the company. Working with you at every step of the way to ensure you have not only the right marquee for your event but also that the interior design, layout look and feel is perfect for your function.

Leaving the technical side to Mudway Workman’s wealth of knowledge ensures you can focus your efforts on your own day and guests. Whether you are looking for a traditional rustic impression or a contemporary guise we have a mix of both long established orthodox products and modern design to give your marquee your personal stamp.

Nearly 70 years of event experience and thousands of satisfied clients puts Mudway Workman in the forefront of the Wedding and Event Industry. Long terms relationships with both venues and client testify the consistency of an ethically, tightly operated Family Buisness.