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Marquees are a very flexible commodity, most shapes and sizes are possible as their modular nature can dictate multiple configurations. Your own themes can be achieved with varied interior options to suit yor personal aspirations and vision. The bride and groom can stamp their character on an event in any way they choose. You will have many more options unlike a fixed venue where the decorative possibilities may be limited, size and shape are fixed in what is often a 'Wedding Factory' domain. Hiring a marquee gives you the opportunity to welcome guests to a wedding reception at home at a time of your choosing and can be self supporting without intrusion into your own living space. A marquee will also give you the choice to celebrate until a time of your own choosing avoiding the red tape of a venue. Mudway Workman supply frame marquees suitable for from 30 to 1000+ guests. We also offer our own traditional pole marquees, Chinese Hat marquees and new to our range the tension tent creating pagoda shape in line with a traditional structure.

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Corporate Events

As part of our commitment to excellence we offer assistance at every stage of the process. With our trusted and reputed advice after the decision of selecting the correct marquee for your event is completed its time to turn your attention to the many other subsidiary products to accompany the project in order for everything to run smoothly. This includes everything from the unglamorous and glamorous toilets , generators, fridges, coolers through to the all important lining, carpet , lighting and lounge furniture.

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Types of Marquee available from Mudway Workman

  • Traditional
  • Clearspan
  • Pagoda

Our traditional marquees scream ' classic elegance'. With 'king poles' every 20 feet (6 metres) or 10ft (3 metres ) depending on chosen size. These traditional canvas marquees bring a beautiful feel to any event produced in a cut that we have been using for over 60 years to give them their attractive parabolic shape. From the outside they provide that unmistakable marquee shape while inside still provides a luxury feel with roof and wall linings to set it off. Available in 30 or 40 feet wide and in 10ft and 20ft modules.

These aluminium framed structures are perfect for creating an open feel to any marquee. With no obstructions, people can move about freely and safely. These can be joined together to provide a weatherproof indoor space that can cater for any size event. Available at 10, 20, 30 40 or 50ft feet wide and in 10ft and 15ft modules can be constructed to any length.Their added advantage is the flexibility they offer on site as can be erected on hard standing and weighted without ground penetration if required.

These beautiful 'Chinese Hat, pagoda marquees add that little extra to every event. They can stand independently as a smoking or break out area or can be attached to the main frame to provide a beautiful sweeping entrance. At 20ft x 20ft their unique shape instantly transforms a rectangular frame marquee into a fairytale venue.

Dont forget those little extras !

The frame of your marquee is the starting point - Now its time to personalise it !

  • Luxury Toilets
  • Bars
  • Heating
  • Generators
  • Carpetting
  • Dance Floors
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling & Wall Lining

Why Choose Mudway Workman Marquee Contractors ?

As a family business, we bring together a combination of tradition and experience along with access to the very latest features and facilities. Our unique selling point is US ! Over the 60+ years of experience in the Events Industry we have been asked to provide solutions from the sublime to the ridiculous.... but we always deliver ! Whether you are a Rock Star, TV or sports personality or you just want a special wedding experience Mudway Workman Marquee Contractors are the right choice for you. Just ask our happy list of clients from across the UK and especially in our home area of Cheltenham, throughout the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Avon. We offer a tried and tested product together with a wealth of knowledge that offers calculated advice delivering the product in a relaxed fashion and reacting to last minute crisis and requests in similar fashion