Marquee Services

Marquee services to create the full package

Clear span bar marquee

The finishing touches

As part of our commitment to excellence we offer assistance at every stage of the process. Once the simple job of selecting the right marquee for your event is done its time to turn your attention to ‘everything’ else that has to accompany the project in order for everything to run smoothly. This includes everything from the unglamorous toilets and generators through to the all important lining, carpet and lighting.

Below is a basic guide to all the other ancillary service items you need to consider.

Linings, Walls and Floors


  • Lining
  • Flooring

The lining of the roof and walls of a plain marquee truly transform it from a basic shell into a beautiful indoor space. Whether you choose a traditional champagne colour or jazz things up with a custom made ruby red, the effect is dramatic and breathtaking.

The best option for a majority of marquees is to lay down a wooden floor, thing not only protects the lawn surface underneath but al provides your guests with a firm surface under foot. In addition 3 metre wide rolls of carpet (selected by you in a contrasting or matching colour) are laid and glued to provide the final link and complete the structure of your marquee.

  • Chairs
  • Tables

We offer a wide range of chairs with matching covers and seat pads. These include, gold and silver banqueting chairs, limewash camelot chairs, folding chairs as well as basic plastic bistro and bucket seats. We can also offer a range of chill-out furniture including sofas, armchairs, cocktails bars and stools and outdoor patio sets.

In addition to the standard trestle tables (mainly used for village shows and in catering tents) we offer a range of sizes to accommodate your table plans. From small 'cake' tables through to 6ft rounds which will seat 12 comfortably. We can also offer a special elliptical 'top table'.

Dance floors


  • Wooden Parquet
  • Black & White

Parquet floors are the perfect option for those on a budget. This hard wearing dance floors with sloped edge fit together perfectly to provide a great space for your evening entertainment. Ideal for traditional wedding marquees, this type of floor can accommodate a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Make a statement with the black and white checked dance floor (it can also come as just black or just white). This dance floor is very popular at weddings and black tie events and adds a sophisticated touch to any event.

  • Classic
  • Circular

Its where everyone congregates to, no matter what else is going on so why not make you bar as spacious and inviting as possible. Working with our team of suppliers we can help you provide a fully stocked bar for any event.

Many of the modern circular or half circle bars wouldn't look out of place in the fanciest nightclubs and hotels in the land. You can make a real statement and create a talking point with these stunning creations. Rather than sticking the bar in the corner, out of the way, these beautiful bars allow people to congregate together whilst continuing to fill up the room.


Heating & Power

  • Internal lighting
  • External lighting

Our stunning range of lights is one our our major unique selling points. We have every option you can consider to deliver exactly the right mood at exactly the right time of the day. From grand chandeliers, to disco light rigs, globes, strobes and strings of lights. Let your imagination run wild and we are sure we can accommodate.

Don't leave the outside to chance. As the sun sets on your evening our dazzling array of exterior lights can instantly enhance the of outside features of your venue such as fronts of houses, trees, ponds, gardens and ornaments. Lasers and fireworks can also be added to your package to create a stunning night-time crescendo to your wedding day.

  • Marquee Heaters
  • Power Supply / Generators

When hiring a marquee in the colder months please ensure you consider heating to maintain the comfort of your guests. We have a variety of option, from 'direct gas heaters' which blow hot air into the marquee to 'ducted heating' where the equipment is positioned externally and the hot air is pumped around the marquee to provide warm, clean and fume free air. These units are controlled by a thermostat and can be used to control the overall temperature of the marquee as if you were at home.

Powering a marquee is very much dependent upon the size and the anticipated electricity requirement (such as disco, catering, lights, bar, toilets). There are a variety of options that we can advise on to ensure we supply the required power. If you do not have the required power outlet we can arrange fora 'silent run' generator to keep your evening going until dawn.

Luxury Toilets

  • Signature
  • Standard
  • Festival

We are able to supply the best in luxury toilet hire for your special occasion. These high quality facilities are clean and pleasent and can be discreetly yet conveniently located. They come equipped with a variety of stalls and urinals and some even have DVD players !

Even the mid range standard toilets are of an exceptional quality and come in an even wider range of options from individual units through to blocks of urinals. All toilets are self contained and can be powered from a mains connection.

You will have seen then pop up everywhere, the bright green portable loos are perfect for any public event and offer excellent value for money. These also come as baby changing units and with disabled access.

Technical Specification

  • Modern toilet require a power source
  • Filled with a mixture or water and chemicals
  • Clean, fresh and essential for any event